We are the Drewery's - Lonnie, Amy, Emily and Gloria. We are living our dreams and striving to fulfill God's purpose for our family. We are incredibly blessed - Life is Good.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Don't Kill Bambi!

Lonnie is hunting with Kelton in West Texas. Bless his heart, he hasn't gone hunting since I've known him. He's certainly tried, but something (usually me) has gotten in the way. He's spent the last couple of weeks building up his hunting gear with several trips to Academy and Walmart. Now that he is completely outfitted, hopefully he'll get to go more often. When he told the girls he was going hunting, Gloria asked, 'What are you hunting for, Dad?' When he told her that he was going to hunt deer, she had all sorts of questions. You can't get anything past Gloria. She finally decided it would be okay if he shot a deer, but gave him specific instructions.. 'Don't shoot a mommy deer, a baby deer, a rabbit, a turtle, or any animal that is nice to you'. She even called him last night and left a voice mail reminding him of the 'rules'. He called back to assure her he was following the rules, as he hadn't gotten anything yet. However, Papa Kelton had already gotten his deer - it was a daddy deer, of course!


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