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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Texas Lightning Champs!

Andro '97 girls defended their title from last year.  They played this tournament last year in the snow during Easter weekend.  This year, it was 75 degrees both days!  

Friday, March 7, 2008

Jason made it to the top 12!!!

 Yes, I'm addicted.  Lonnie thinks I've lost my mind - Emily and I have been counting the days each week until American Idol comes on so that we can watch our hometown celebrity, Jason Castro!!   Here is his performance this week - it was amazing!!  

Snow in March?

'Expect up to 3-4  inches - we're looking at record accumulations'  This is what I heard throughout the day yesterday.  I went to the grocery store to stock up, and even contemplated picking the kids up from school early in anticipation of the 'big storm'.  As the afternoon wore on, we never did see any snow.  While getting an afternoon warm-up at Starbucks, I noticed a sign at the bank next door - 'Closed due to inclement weather'  - Good grief!!  Texans don't quite know how to handle snow - We overreact at the mere mention of snow/ice/wintry mix.  My relatives from Kansas, South Dakota and Minnesota probably think we are real wimps!  Here's what our yard looked like this morning - as you can see from the photo, our weatherman was a bit off!


 No, it's just Emily getting ready for a soccer game in the cold.  She gets distracted :)  

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