We are the Drewery's - Lonnie, Amy, Emily and Gloria. We are living our dreams and striving to fulfill God's purpose for our family. We are incredibly blessed - Life is Good.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things I loved about this weekend...

1. When Gloria showed me the signature she is going to use 'when she's famous'.
2. Watching Em shine with confidence out on the soccer field.
3. Hearing about Glo's first stint as goalie - she didn't allow a single goal!
4. Walking up to a group of praying youth when picking Em up from a church Youth event tonight.
5. Eating  the fish that my sweet hubby caught and fried.
6. Listening the Glo practice 'How Great is Our God' on her guitar.
7. Riding with my sweet friend Samantha, her daughter Lauren and Em to the game yesterday.  Even though it seemed as if we had to drive to Oklahoma, it was fun to laugh and have good company.
8. Both Glo and Em WON their soccer games!
9. Hearing a first grader at Sunday School say, 'You mean Jesus didn't have an XBox???'
10. Feeling blessed beyond measure and finding happiness in the simple things.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sting ’97 Blue Wins Austin Labor Day Tournament

Over the Labor Day weekend, Sting ’97 Blue went 5-0 as it claimed the Austin Labor Day Tournament Silver Division Championship. Sting ’97 Blue scored 10 goals throughout the tournament without conceding a single goal for an opposing team. Sting opened the tournament with a dominating performance against Eclipse ’97 Black, winning the match 3-0. Later that day, Sting faced a much tougher test as it went up against Austin Capitals ’97. In a hard fought, physical contest Sting was determined to come away victorious as it held on to a 1-0 win against the hometown Capitals. Sting ’97 Blue continued their winning ways the next day as they defeated National Fusion ’97, 4-0, in the third match. With three wins and zero losses, Sting advanced to the semifinals where they would face TX Rush ’97 Nike Blue. The game went back and forth and at the end of regulation neither team was able to find the back of the net. The match went straight into penalty kicks where Sting ’97 Blue prevailed converting on 5 of their kicks against 4 makes for TX Rush. In the Championship match, Sting ’97 came out hard and determined to walk away as tournament champions. And with stellar defense, as they displayed throughout the tournament, and timely offense, Sting did just that as they won the Championship with a 2-0 victory against AHFC ’97 Blue.

Congratulations girls on a great tournament win!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Emily sometimes likes soccer more than piano...

That's how her piano instructor introduced Emily - I'm afraid that's true.  She has been in a touchy mood all day long, knowing that she had her recital tonight.  Seven years - that's how long she has taken piano from Mr. Carmichael.  She has no problem at all playing soccer in front of all kinds of people, but when it comes to getting up and playing piano in front of people, it's another story.  

3rd Grade Awards

Gloria looks thrilled - she actually should be!!! My baby earned a spot on the 'A' honor roll and the Citizenship award with Excellent conduct all year!!

Emily's last church choir program - 2009

Emily recently performed in her last children's choir program EVER at church!! She was a dancer in the VBS musical as well.  For perfect attendance in 6th grade choir, she received her very own hymnal engraved with her name (mom cut off the name in the photo - ugh).  It's hard to believe that Em will be moving into the youth department in a couple of weeks as she transitions into middle school!  No more Wednesday night choir and GA's - a new chapter in her life.  I'm afraid this is just the beginning of many milestones we'll encounter over the next few weeks - stay tuned!

Emily with Mrs. Alexia, the children's minister, and Mrs. Fran, her choir leader.

Rock Star...

Choir Program 2009

Annie, Emily, Shelby, Elsa, Brooke and Tanner pose after their performance with their 'perfect attendance' hymnals.  

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LOVE those school projects!!

Emily has a project due in Social Studies this week.  We have put it off because she chose to make a Bastille out of cake - not exactly  a project you can do ahead of time.   The Bastille was used as a prison up until the French Revolution. 

The first attempt was a complete disaster!!  We purchased a full sheet cake, unfrosted, from Tom Thumb and cut it into four pieces, stacking them on top of each other.  We then 'carved' columns out of the cake - then came the frosting...  it was a complete mess!!!  

All I ever wanted to know about the French Revolution...

The final result was much better than we had both imagined.  We ended up cutting of the columns and using ice cream cones instead.   Hard work and the huge mess finally paid off!  

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pi Day

'Pi, the Greek letter, is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to it's diameter.  Pi= 3.1425926535...   Pi Day is March 14th and is celebrated by Math enthusiasts around the world'.

Whooda thunk???  I had no idea there was a day to celebrate Pi - until Emily began learning about it in her Pre-AP Math class.  Her teacher, Mr. Mandanici, is an interesting guy.  He can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than 2 minutes.  Any who, the 6th graders than memorized more than 50 digits of Pi were treated to a Pizza Party yesterday in honor of 'Pi Day'.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Girlz 4 God

I love my Fridays.  Not just because it's Friday, but because of the way each one begins.  Every Friday morning these girls get up extra early and come to learn about God and how they can live a life that honors Him.  

After G4G, I rush home for Moms In Touch.  I've been a part of Mom's in Touch for 7 years now - I started when Emily was in kindergarten.  Moms gather to pray for our kids, the school and the teachers.  Since the girls have been in public school, I have led the group.  I've developed some precious friendships with the Moms who come to pray with me.  I've lost some Moms - they've taken jobs, or have moved, or their schedule just doesn't allow for MIT - God has always been faithful in bringing new moms.  What a blessing it is to put everything aside for an hour and focus on Him, laying our children at his feet.  I am so grateful for the gift of prayer!

Girlz 4 God Prayer Circle

We end each week with a prayer circle.  The first few weeks, only Anne and I prayed out loud.  Now, we have several girls who pray!

Friday, January 30, 2009

He who loves a pure heart and whose speech is gracious will have the King for his friend. Proverbs 22:11

Every Friday morning, I get the girls up extra early to get to school by 7 am for Girlz 4 God.  G4G was started by a local Rockwall couple as a girls bible study for those in 6th - 8th grade.  I'm amazed that every week, we have around 40 girls that get up early to grow in God's word.  

The G4G is theme is 'THRPPGEW" (pronounced thurp-g -yew), based on Philippians 4:8, 'Finally brothers, whatever is True, Honorable, Right, Pleasing to God, Pure, Good, Excellent and Worthy of praise, think on these things'.  

In our series on purity, we discussed this week what it means to have 'pure speech'.  We talked with the girls about how you cannot take back words - once they are out, the harm is done.  We used a tube of toothpaste, squeezing the toothpaste out and challenging one of the girls to try and put the toothpaste back in.  She had a funnel, spoon, knife, toothpick and several other 'tools'. but was unable to get the toothpaste back in the tube.  

What a critical time for our girls - they are exposed to so many worldly things.  It's so crucial to continue to set a firm foundation for them to draw from as they have more freedom to make their own decisions.  

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pictures I've been carrying in my wallet for years...

                                                      Won't see that much these days!

                                                  Taken at preschool - cookies for Santa.

                                                             Our 2001 Christmas card

                                                 LOVE this one!! Gloria was so tiny!!

                                                Another one of Gloria's mischievous poses!

                                                      Sorry, out of sync here.. it's Emily

                               Don't worry Bailey, Gloria didn't have hair for a long time, either!!

                                          Does she look like she's up to something, or what??

                                                               Gloria's hospital baby pic

                                                                 Gloria - 3 years old

                                                            Church Directory Picture

                                                                   LOVE those dimples!!!

                                                              Kindergarten Graduation

                                                                  5 Year-Old soccer!

             This was taken in the middle of Northpark mall.  I think the dogs were sedated!

                                                         Kindergarten School Picture

                                            Doesn't she look like a 'Precious Moments' Doll?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Carol of the Bells

Emily missed her Fireside Christmas Piano Recital this year - this is the piece she would have played.  Carol of the Bells - one of my faves!

A Rare Sight...

Emily playing the piano because she wants to, not because I'm nagging her to practice.  She's working on this piece for the upcoming Hymn Festival in February.  


Family...  it conjures up different emotions for different people.  For some, it may be dread, or anger or resentment.  For me, the thought of my family makes me joyful.  I can hardly go a day without talking to mom or dad - they are my friends.   I even enjoy being around my baby brother these days - not to mention his sweet wife and their darling Bailey.   I can't imagine life without Lonnie, Gloria and Emily.  They have become such a big part of who I am.  I am truly thankful for the gift of family and what it means to me.

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