We are the Drewery's - Lonnie, Amy, Emily and Gloria. We are living our dreams and striving to fulfill God's purpose for our family. We are incredibly blessed - Life is Good.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Emily's last church choir program - 2009

Emily recently performed in her last children's choir program EVER at church!! She was a dancer in the VBS musical as well.  For perfect attendance in 6th grade choir, she received her very own hymnal engraved with her name (mom cut off the name in the photo - ugh).  It's hard to believe that Em will be moving into the youth department in a couple of weeks as she transitions into middle school!  No more Wednesday night choir and GA's - a new chapter in her life.  I'm afraid this is just the beginning of many milestones we'll encounter over the next few weeks - stay tuned!


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