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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Keep the 'thanks' in Thanksgiving!

This morning Lonnie and I went to Starbucks before he headed to work. The store was embellished with all of the holiday goodies from decorations, to gifts, to new toys and games, and even the holiday drink specials and baked goodies. I have to admit that I get excited about Christmas and tend to be filled with the spirit as soon as I can purchase my first Eggnog latte, but it seems as if it is happening earlier and earlier. I even resisted temptation, as I'm afraid I may be burned out on the holiday lattes by the time Christmas actually rolls around!! Lonnie even asked our local barista why they already had 'decked the halls'. Nate agreed with Lonnie in that it was too early. I know it's the retailers trying to get a jump on things and get everyone in the buying mood. Lonnie, by the way, is the holiday decoration/festivities police. It is absolutely against the Lonnie law to do anything Christmas related until the day after Thanksgiving. I think he'd prefer that we even wait a week after Turkey day to start decorating. The girls bought a new Disney Christmas CD last week and he wouldn't allow it to be played in the car! I have to say, I used to think he was a grinch, but as time goes by, I tend to agree with him more and more... Let's keep the thanks in Thanksgiving and enjoy this time! With an extra week than we normally have between Thanksgiving and Christmas (we have 32 shopping days between the two this year), there will be lots of time to get ready.


Mimi said...

Hey Amy - You do such a FABULOUSjob with Christmas happenings!!! You rock!!! love ya, Bethanne

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