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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

We all went to the Fall Carnival at church tonight. Emily wanted to be a clown... after searching every Target, Walmart and party store in North Texas, this is as close as I was able to get.

I'm not sure I've ever spent to much money on Halloween costumes until this year. I've always managed to make costumes or talk the girls into being soccer players, wearing the poodle skirts I made a few years ago, or wearing one of the spare Karate outfits we have lying around. We had even gotten our money's worth from the Cinderella costume. Well, Gloria has the memory of an elephant and knows what she has been dressed up as every year of her life. Heaven forbid she do a costume repeat. It reminds me of the 'Great Pumpkin' costume mom and dad made for me of wood, chicken wire and plaster of paris. That sucker was heavy!! It had no arms, so it was quite difficult to hold the candy bag. I was always afraid of falling... I wouldn't be able to get up and would probably just roll down the street until I ran into a curb or something. I think that was the only costume I ever had growing up. They put so much effort into it, I had to wear it every year. Then there was the last minute shopping spree on Halloween when Dennis was about 5. Mom came home with a Tweety Bird costume, as that was all they had left in his size. I'm sure he was looking forward to Superman, Batman, or some other super hero. But no, he got to be the dreaded, horrifying Tweety. Scarrrrry!

As I was looking for the highly sought after clown costume today (yes, I waited until the very last minute), I was amazed at how they had already cleared out the Halloween paraphernalia to make way for the Christmas decorations!! Can't we get one holiday out of the way before thinking about the next one? Good Grief Charlie Brown!


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