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Friday, October 26, 2007

Bailey Lu

I feel the need to record the happenings in our family. Just about everyday I say to myself, "I'd better write this down somewhere". Now that we've outgrown the baby books and my written journal doesn't get used much, this seems like a great solution.

My first post is about Miss Bailey Louise. She is nearly 4 months old!! Auntie Amy got to babysit yesterday. I picked her up around 11 - we went downtown to meet Gran for lunch. I bumbled around trying to open doors, running into everything with the stroller. It took me 10 minutes to get out of the car!! Gloria is only 7, but it seems like a lifetime since I have toted around a baby and all of the gear. Speaking of gear, I'm amazed by the technology... a temperature gauge in the stroller? Good grief!

After hearing, 'What a cute baby boy!', I immediately told Mom that we needed to put that child in some pink so that she would not be mistaken for a boy again. We went to Neiman Marcus and found the cutest little outfit, complete with shoes to match. She loved it!! I'm not sure she's worn shoes yet... she was fascinated by them.

I've never seen a baby smile so much. You just look at her, and she lights up. What a precious baby! She's so laid back - just like her parents. After our outing, we came home just in time to have a bottle. As I sat in the chair feeding her, I fell asleep!


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